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Thread: The Sibylline Oracles

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    Default The Sibylline Oracles

    Has anyone done this? I am blind at times and may have missed it. I have Book 1 done and there are 14 books with hundreds of paragraphs per book.

    This is in English of course.

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    This has not been done in BW. Jim Darlack put together a partial English corpus for Pseudepigraphal literature (available here), but he did not get that one included because he didn't know a place for it online I believe.
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    Default Ok

    Thanks. I will plod on with the project. It will take a few weeks as I am very busy.

    BTW, are you considering UC? I still have a spare bedroom and food if you would like to visit.


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    Default Book 8

    Just finished Book 8.

    The edition I have been using has no 9 or 10 as these two were not in existence when this was translated. I don't know if they have since been recovered. Anyone know?

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    Default Please contact me

    Hi Dan,

    I sent an email message to you, but I'm not sure you received it. Could you contact me?


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    Default Done

    I have it done but not posted. WIll try to post it tomorrow.


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