I just finished up the conversions for the plays of the Greek tragedian Sophocles. Now they too are accessible within BibleWorks.

A word is needed about the format of the databases. You will find numerous places in the compiled database where lines are empty or left blank. This is because I have followed a pretty slavish adherence to officially documented line numbers of the Greek tragedies so that users will be able to refer to specific entries in Greek grammars and lexica which reference Greek tragedies by line number. I couldn't explain to you why lines are divided as they are, but it was done with the intention that this would make these texts useful and helpful to anyone who is using classical Greek tools.

If you become aware of major flaws in my line numeration, please let me know. Obviously if anyone is very serious about classical Greek study, they will have to go beyond this offering because it is based on a relatively old (and thus public domain) text, namely, Jebb's version. But this will be very helpful to people who wish to continue word studies within BibleWorks itself.

On another note. I have almost completed compiling Latin versions of all of Virgil's works. The link on the files page is up, but the file is not. This will be up later this week probably. In any event there will be a blog post about it when I do complete it.