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Thread: Exegetical Recommendations

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    Question Exegetical Recommendations

    I'm looking for exegetical resources particularly for Genesis 22. I'd love to hear your recommendations, suggestions or ideas. Thanks

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    Default Genesis 22 resources

    Though not directly exegetical resources, the most insightful readings of Genesis 22 with which I am familiar are:

    -Shalom Spiegel's The Last Trial
    -Erich Auerbach's "Odysseus' Scar" in Mimesis (online at:'_scar.htm )
    - Soren Kirkegaard's Fear and Trembling (online at: )
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
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    Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg -
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    Default Commentaries on Genesis

    Helpful Commentaries on Genesis include:
    Gordon Wenham, Word Biblical Commentaries (he'll supply a bibliography for that chapter also)
    Victor Hamilton, New International Commentary on the Old Testament
    Waltke (published by Zondervan)
    Leupold (I have a used copy published by Baker)
    Kidner, Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries

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    Default Commentaries on Genesis

    I would recommend Calvin, Gill, Lange, Ainsworth, Hengstenberg, Alford, Candlish, James Murphy, Leupold.
    Mark Langley
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    Margaret May I suggest that we learn Hebrew text from the Hebrews!

    The Art Scroll Series by Mesorah Publications is an excellent place to start. This will give you a Hebrew perspective on the text as well as some exegetical insight and commentary.

    I use it for foundational studies, and then build from there.

    ISBN: 0-89906-362-4 two book series.

    David Morris

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