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Thread: Utilizando los nombres españoles de libros biblicos en BibleWorks

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    Default Utilizando los nombres españoles de libros biblicos en BibleWorks

    You may have noticed that a Spanish Book Name file is posted in the "sticky" entitled Archivos útiles a usuarios que hablan español. This Spanish Book Name file allows you to use Spanish names for books in your display and when you call up a passage on the Command Line.

    As you may know many new non-biblical texts have been compiled in the last year or so for use in BibleWorks and consequently new book names have been added to the default Book Name file (books.bna).

    I am posting this message to see if any of you are able and willing to help your fellow Spanish-speaking users by translating some of these new book names. I have attached here the most recent Spanish Book Name file (BOOKS.ESPANOL.TXT). If you open this file you will see that all Book Names have already been translated up to El Martirio de Policarpo.

    You can read details of how BilbeWorks handles book names by clicking Tools>Options, going to the Book Names tab and clicking Help.

    Once you have read the help file mentioned above, open the zipped BOOKS.ESPANOL.TXT file that is attached and you will notice a line for each book in the following format:


    Essentially all we need to do is translate every item other than the first item of each line.

    The second item in each line is the book name that is printed with references in the Browse Window (the Results Window in BW6 and earlier).

    The third item in each line is the book name that is used when the list of search hits is exported without the text of the verses.

    The fourth and all following items in each line are all the various aliases you can use on the command line to call up these books.

    Even if you can only translate 10 lines it would be very helpful. You can just post your translated lines in your message or you can attach a text file as I have done here.

    To use the attached TXT file as a book name file in BibleWorks just change the file extention from TXT to BNA and then copy the file to your BibleWorks\Init folder. Then click Tools>Options>Book Names and Open the file.
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