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    A. H. Sayce

    This is the opening set of texts from volume I of A. H. Sayce's Records from the Past. The title page for this work is found at The preface to the work provides the copyright date of August 3, 1888 and so the work is in the public domain.
    The text was scanned using OCR software, corrected, and modified to work in BIBLEWORKS by Daniel J. Dyke ( It is provided free to the BibleWorks community.
    There are six works included in this module which in their source book formed a section whose introduction is available at the following location: The works are as follows:

    Translation of the First Dynastic Tablet from Babylon
    2. Translation of the Second Dynastic Tablet from Babylon
    3. Translation of the Third Dynastic Tablet from Babylon
    4. Translation of the Babylonian Chronicle
    5. Translation of the Inscription Giving the Assyrian Interpretation of the Names of the Early Babylonian Kings
    6. Translation of the Annals of Sargon of Accad and Naram-Sin
    Since the time when the original translations were made many words have changed in spelling, but we have followed the spelling of the original author.

    Daniel J. Dyke.
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