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    Default Descent of Ishtar

    Another quick conversion while my wife was away:

    [From The Civilization of Babylonia and Assyria, M. Jastrow, 1915]

    I will try to post it tomorrow.


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    Is this the BibleWorks forum, or the PaganWorks forum?

    I remember when I was first exposed to OT comparative studies, I was a little worried about my professor. He just seemed to know way to much about Baal, Mot, idols, spells, etc. Of course, in time I found the value of such study. Not only does it help us exegete the Bible better, but it invites an understanding of the Bible's interaction with its contemporary culture and how that can work today in our culture. I think all of us NT guys should make the time to dabble in the supposed domains of the OT guys, and get a better feel of the backgrounds.

    You are helping make this kind of thing more possible (and probable), for which I thank you.

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    Default Thanks

    All the files I have completed are on the server now. It would be helpful if I didn't have to walk the files to the one computer that has permission to upload to the server.

    I have 7 volumes of texts that are PD and will start those next.


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