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Thread: Enuma Elish

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddyke View Post
    OK, send me the stuff and we will start on it. I have Fontographer and can try to make the fonts.
    There's some reasonable fonts on this site which may save you time:

    David Kummerow.

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    I have the Ugaritic font and am currently teaching myself Ugaritic. I have been looking at the RK Ugaritic font and comparing it to the book (Segert, A Basic Grammar of the Ugaritic Language) and not all the characters look the same, but the print in the book is too small for my old eyes at times.


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    By Ugaritic fonts do you mean the cuneiform alphabet? If so, be cautious... the Schriftlehre changes in different texts, so sometimes it is best to use a good transliteration font that will allow you to add the appropriate diacriticals.

    I wouldn't really recommend Segert. Pardee has a great article in the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Ancient Languages and Tropper recently published a very fun and easy to use grammar in the ELO (Elementa Linguarum Orientis) series that includes exercises and a glossary. These are both fantastic Ugaritic starts and if you decide to study the language in more detail, I'd look J. Tropper's larger grammar as well as Pardee's 404 page (AOAT) review that you can freely download online. Once you memorize all the major paradigms, the SBL Writings from the Ancient World books with Ugaritic texts will become helpful.

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    Default Pardee's review?

    Quote Originally Posted by jakemccarty View Post
    ...Pardee's 404 page (AOAT) review that you can freely download online...
    Hi Jake, what's the link to that review?
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    It is actually an AFO volume--my mistake. The download link is at the bottom. I should warn you that this review is most valuable when read in conjunction with Tropper's larger grammar.

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