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Thread: Resource Summary display quirk?

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    Default Resource Summary display quirk?

    I'd say this is a “quirk” rather than a "bug." BW wasn't operating the way I thought and the help files couldn't clear up the matter for me.
    In the Resource Summary window, when the Options tab Show Topical Links is unchecked, I couldn’t see any _Grammar_ Biblical Reference Citations. Can you repeat this? Unselect Show Topical Links in the Options tab of Resource Summary window. Then move the cursor over BGT at 2 Thessalonians 2:2. If I understand the purpose of that check box, there should be Bible Reference Citations still displayed for grammars such as Robertson and Wallace. However, I get none. I did see them pop-up in the Resource Summary window momentarily once, but I can’t seem to repeat it. Of course when the option Show Topical Links is selected, the reference citation plus topical sections appear for the Grammars. How do you see it?

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    I can reproduce what you see in the Resource Summary window, but only if I place a cursor over a Greek word in the Browse window. If I simply advance the browse window from 2Th 2:1 to 2Th 2:2 by the arrows, then all the references to the Grammars display in the Resoure Summary window. But as soon as you place the cursor over one of the Greek words in the Browse window, the Resource summary window switches to displaying only the lexicons and text critical resources. I do believe that this is a small bug.
    On the other hand, Tischendord and Leedy resources display in the Resource Summary window only after you place the cursor over a Greek word in the Browse window. If you advance from verse to verse these two resources disappear and the grammars reappear. This happens whether you have the option "Show Topica Links" checked or unchecked. The order in which the grammar and text-critical resources displays in the REsource Summary window also changes, depending on whether or not the user first placed the cursor over a Greek word in the Browse window. I'll report this to the programmers to see if they can do something about it.
    Mark Eddy

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