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Thread: Works in Progress

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    Default Works in Progress

    I hate reinventing the wheel. I was thinking people need to share what they are doing so others don't waste time duplicating it.

    We have these works in progress, but would hate to continue if others are doing them as well and are further along than we are:

    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (Entry completed and are on book four in proofreading)

    Strabo's Geography (We are into book two)

    The Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs (Finished and Proofread), but not put up.

    Pseudo-Aristeas (The Introduction is finished, but only about two pages of text is entered)

    Cicero, Duties (entered, but only partially proofread)

    Basil of Caesarea, Hexaemeron (entered, but needs a major proofreading) This is also a morphologically tagged text. My sabbatical was spent writing the first two modules of a database with which to tag texts. It currently can ID 94% of Basil. This will be released when it hits 100%.

    We had quite a bit of Gesenius done, but when others brought it out we gave up.

    We are in a great place for access to older works because the University of Cincinnati has a fully endowed Classics department and a huge library. We also have Hebrew Union College in town. I have on my shelf a photocopy of the Niese text of Josephus that I was able to get there. If you know of a PD text, but can't find it let us try.


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    I have the following projects in works:
    Polybius' Histories
    a few of Plutarch's Lives
    Sophocles' Works

    Works not yet started but on my to-do list

    Euripides' Works
    Aeschylus' Works (if I figure out copyright status)
    Aristotle (if I could decide how to divide the text in a meaningful way)
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    Default Strabo & Rory

    My assistant, Rory, informed me Tuesday that he was just about through with entering book II of Strabo. This is not a cut and paste of the Perseus site but a fresh entry of the text so we can be certain of origin.

    We also have another volunteering to do the entry of Swete's Intro to the LXX. The pages are scanned and all we have to do is correct the English and add the Greek as the OCR does not recognize Greek and of course even if it did put it in CCAT or BW format.


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    Default Appian?????

    Does anyone know if Appian is avaliable, or if it can be put into BWs? I feel as if I am on the outside here. I see all of the generous work that everyone is doing and wish I could contribute in some way. But when it comes to all this technical jargon on RSS/inputting/version database compiler I need an idiot's guide to help me wade through everything. Once again thank-you to all who put so much effort into this program.

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    Appian is available on Perseus and is in the public domain, the edition is 1879. To my knowledge, no one else is working on it. If anyone is, please speak up now If this is something you're interested in, I can probably walk you through it via email, but be patient with me if it takes a few days, classes have started back up for me, so my schedule is rather sporadic.
    Michael Hanel
    PhD candidate Classics Univ. of Cincinnati
    MDiv Concordia Seminary
    MA Classics Washington University
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    Default Egyptian Magic

    I assembled a module of Egyptian Magical texts for my Israel in Egypt class. The problem is figuring out the copyright status of the Miriam Lichtheim texts. They are available at a myriad of places but appear to be in copyright. Miriam died recently and so I cannot write to her. Some of the others are in the public domain. I will post it when I get the copyright stuff settled.


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    Hi dyyke,
    That will be amazing if you are able to put any magic papyri into BW. I was just using some on Saturday, and thinking how good it would be to have it in BW.

    BTW I don't mean that I was performing magic! More like sermon preparation for Mat 8:28-34.

    Keep up the good work,

    Duncan Forbes
    New Life Church, Roehampton, London

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    Default Copyright Resolved

    I resolved the copyright issue by abandoning the Lichtheim text and going with other texts for the Westcar Papyrus.

    I hope to put it up tomorrow.


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    Default Polybius and Strabo Update

    We are moving well on the English by doing a little each AM. We just finished book 2 of Polybius.

    Rory ran out of Greek pages to type in Strabo which is a good sign as I have to photocopy a bunch more and it means work I don't have to do.

    Copyright is always confusing to me. I know many works are PD but I was told that when one makes a database of a PD work that the database can be copyrighted in its own right as it constitutes a new revision of the existing work. Is this so? If so would someone direct me to page discussing the issue?

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    I`m working on the German Gesenius Kautzsch Grammar (the grammar gesenius kautzsch cowley is translated from)...

    And perhaps I`ll do some german commentaries from Theodor Zahn, too...

    Hard work... - I`m still searching for an OCR that recognizes Hebrew (& Greek) in a good quality and costs less than 100 dollar - dreams dreams dreams...

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