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Thread: New Module: New Testament Manuscripts - Matthew

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    Last edited by pasquale; 06-15-2009 at 04:42 PM.

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    That's great Pasquale,
    Thanks so much for sharing that.

    Do you have any plans to include allusions from the fathers?


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    Quote Originally Posted by pasquale View Post

    Exscuse for bad English.



    Non devi chiedere scusa per il tuo inglese. Piuttosto con tutto coi che fai in momento, aiutandoci con dei nouvi moduli per BW, dobbiamo noi ringraziarti. Ho vissuto quasi 5 anni in Italia e ho chiesto scusa per il mio italiano pochissimo, anche se era quasi sempre un disastro

    Dio ti benedica

    (for those who don't speak Italian, I'm just telling Pasquale that I don't think he has to apologise for his English)

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    Can't get the new file to work, either.
    Could I have something I need to enable in BibleWorks?
    Could it be a problem with IE7?
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    God bless you Pasquale!
    This is a really good module.
    I like to use Laporola, but if I'm not near the internet then its not possible).
    This now means I can use the apparatus wherever I am.
    Good work!

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    Hello Pasquale-

    Thank you for your hard work in producing resources for fellow users. It is a pleasure for us to see users helping one another.

    I'm writing to ask about the module that you posted above. It appears that it is using the UBS Greek New Testament apparatus. If that is the case, do you have permission to distribute it? It is our understanding that this is a copyrighted work, and if this is the case and you do not have permission to distribute it, I will have to ask you to take down the link, since we cannot encouarge users to distribute works that contain copyright violations.

    I hope my question is not offensive, but we try to make every effort to be in accordance with the civil laws (1 Peter 2:13, Rom 13).


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    Quote Originally Posted by pasquale View Post
    I have deleted the link but not for copyright violations.

    The critical UBS apparatus is not powered as well as the apparatus linked in new module. Are differents.

    Bible's variants reading are copyrighted?


    You are doing very valuable and important work Pasquale, so keep that up, but you do have to be careful about what it is you're using. For instance on the LaParola website there are some things he has which he appears to have copyright permission to use, but the Textual Critical things do not appear to fall into that category. It is sometimes a pain to find out if you can use specific data, but it can save legal action and other things. Bibleworks needs to protect themselves, but they're also protecting you.
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