I recently acquired the Messianic Renewed Covenant (MRC) New Testament on CD. It had instructions for using the Version Database Compiler to put it into BW version 5. On the CD there was a mrc.ddf file and a mrc.txt file that contained the compilable text.

I am using BW 6.0.008s - not version 5. I followed these instructions to the T - everything seemed to be "kosher" on the VDC page. But each time I went through the process, when I clicked the "Compile" button, BW6 immediately aborted with the message that a log file had been created and the program needed to be restarted. This happened 3 times before I gave up.

I can't locate a log file for these failures.

Has anyone been successful in compiling the MRC in BW6?

Are there any tricks for BW version 6 that are different than the instructions for BW version 5?

Any assistance will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Mark R. Ensign
Adot Adonai
Amarillo, Texas