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    I am making the files to compile Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. The process looks straightforward to me as I am imitating what was done on the Herodotus files, but with appropriate changes.

    1) Is there anyone who keeps a master list of the three letter prefixes used? I don't want to confuse the software by reusing one. For example I want to use either MAA, MAM, MAG or MAE.

    2) If I find an error at a later time, what is the best way to fix the error? Recompile or just edit some file with a text or hex editor?

    3) Do people in general respect the fact that a person or group has created the module?

    Currently we have more materials than are posted, but the site is undergoing an internal audit of all materials to make sure there are no copyrighted materials being distributed. We have the Greek text of Basil of Caesarea and Marcus Aurelius completed, but in the final stages of proofreading. We are working on Strabo's geography and a few minor pieces.

    Dan, Stewart, and Rory
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