I have noticed this problem for a while. It probably has to do with my Win98 and IE, so I haven't reported it. I updated to ver 6.0..9i and still noticed it. I can't get it to repeat every time. When I select Resources | Gram. References | Bibleworks Paradigms, and then select the Hebrew group and then one of the weak verb groups, the display window someimtes stays at the top of the Greek section. If I use the vertical slider or use a up/down arrow key, sometimes I've noticed it will jump to where I selected and other times it just jumps to the beginning of the Hebrew section. Today, after several clicks in the index and then try to get it to jump using the slider bar, I moved the slider all the way down and could only get to the Hebrew strong verb (as if the rest didn't load). Usually if I close the HTML Help window and pull it up through the menu again, the HTML index works fine.

Thanks for the great program,
Greg Ward