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Thread: 7.0 Thanks (Robertson Greek Grammar)

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    Default Thank-you for the generous gift.

    I would just like to say thank-you for the generous gift. This is a grammar is of great use. Though it is a little out dated, I have found it extremely valuable when preparing papers, sermons, biblestudies and etc. Once again thank-you Bibleworks for all your hard work. These resources are wonderful.

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    Smile Thanks so much for A.T. Robertson's Greek Grammar

    You guys do a fabulous job, getting such an outstanding older work based upon the 8 case Greek grammatical view. The 8 case view takes the position that a form is not a case (translating idea), but only the vehicle which carries the case ideas:
    Form 1. Nominative, -with slight variation, Vocative

    Form 2. Genitive, Ablative

    Form 3. Locative, Instrumental, Dative (I put them in that order for student memory simplification "the Lid cases")

    Form 4. Accusative

    I have taught 1st year, 2nd semester students who transferred from 5 case institutions who could not do simple translations because they had not been early taught the 8 basic case ideas. Robertson would have been a mentor of Dana & Mantey's work on Greek syntax, which is a great work for the 2nd year student. I look forward to a short time before Dana & Mantey are in the public domain.

    Thanks again for a wonderful resource!

    John M Krinke

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    Default Robertson feature--Addenda links to main text

    One feature of the BibleWorks edition of Robertson that should be useful are the links between the Addenda and the text. In the print edition there is no way to know if there is a 2nd Edition Addenda or a 3rd Edition Addenda entry. But in the BW edition, there are links below the page number in Robertson if there is a 2nd or 3rd Edition Addenda entry.


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    Default Thanks!

    Unbelievable! Thanks. BibleWorks is the best!

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    Default Bibleworks

    I am thankful for all of the work put into BW7.


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    Is there a way to download Robertson's without the update feature? My Bibleworks computer in my study is not connected to the internet.

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