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    Default BW is installing various keyboards on its own ...


    For some time now, I've been puzzled why strange keyboards seemed to continuously pop up in the list of installed keyboard services in my WinXP, and I think I've narrowed it down to BW.

    I usually have a couple of keyboards active, quite a few of which I've modified or assembled myself, and I switch between them using the windows CTRL+SHIFT shortcut. I find, however, that if I open up Bibleworks and use any Bible version, that it will automatically install itself as a windows keyboard. Thus if, for instance, I have both English and Norwegian versions open in BW, when I exit BW, then it will have added a standard English and a standard Norwegian keyboard to my list of Windows keyboards (in the Language band), tho I have absolutely no use for them as my customized standard keyboard contains all the letters found on both of those. I guess this is "a feature, not a bug" (), but is there any way to disable this mildly vexing "feature"?

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    When you change your search version to a Norwegian Bible, your keyboard layout will also change to Norwegian so you can enter a search on the command line. If you don't like the standard Norwegian keyboard you can tell BibleWorks to use one of the other Norwegian keyboards you have installed. This is true for all other languages as well, except for Hebrew and Greek.

    Click Tools>Keyboard Layouts.
    1. Change the language to Norwegian
    2. Change the keyboard layout to whatever you like.
    Click the Help button for details.
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