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Thread: 1QIsaiahA Index Module

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdarlack
    I've posted a new version of the file with the missing chapters added. Download here.
    Thanks, Jim. Outstanding.

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    Default Am I doing something wrong?

    This looks like a great tool. I've installed it and it shows up in the Resource Summary window. However, when I click it it opens as expected but it says "Action Canceled" in the window where I would expect the web page to be. It says that it cannot link to the web page you request.

    Any help would be appreciate!

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    Default anti-virus software blocking it?

    My guess is that this might be because of anti-virus software you have, that it's blocking BibleWorks/HTML Help from accessing the Web. But that's just a guess. As it stands, mine seems to work fine...
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