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Thread: Sermon study prep sites?

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    Default Sermon study prep sites?

    Just wondering if people have any websites they find helpful for preparing sermons, especially thinking of sites that would talk about exegetical issues in the text.

    There are two I commonly go to, to see what others have thought. The first is more generalized, the next two more specific to my theological background. Please let's avoid the theological trash talk. I'm just curious if others have similar resources they use, so please share.

    1. TextWeek not sure there could be many people not familiar with this work, but I suppose there are.

    2. Lectionary at Lunch this one is provided by Concordia Seminary (Lutheran - Missouri Synod) in St Louis. Audio files are updated each week on Friday for Old Testament and Gospel lessons in the lectionary cycle.

    3. Pericope again connected with Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, but interesting links, see the Buls Notes for exegetical notes on pericopes.

    Again my focus is on sites that would be dealing with the Bible texts themselves.
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    Jesus' high speed connection: Mark 1:35 . . .

    I check the articles on periodically.


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