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Thread: What Bible Version Would You Like To See Added To The Master List?

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    I believe that The Message is no longer available in E-Sword; it was withdrawn.

  2. Default The Message available from E-Sword for a fee

    **Actually, The Message is currently available in E-Sword; there is an 'unlock' fee.**

    I was curious whether my copy of E-Sword has The Message translation, and it doesn't. Reason? I chose (when it became available almost 3 years ago) not to spend $9.99 "to purchase the security key" (as E-Sword puts it on their website, at ).

    It looks as though The Message, the NASB, and the Amplified Bible are the Bible modules for E-Sword for which a person would be charged an 'unlock' fee. I assume that Rick Meyers, who produces E-Sword, must have a licensing arrangement with the copyright holders of these translations.

    If our BibleWorks folk are so inclined (The Message isn't that great a draw for me), they can do likewise. As it is, I'm glad that we're no longer getting for free something for which we should pay.
    "The laborer is worthy of his wages." (Luke 10:7; 1 Timothy 5:18)
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    Default Arabic Texts

    I would like to see the following Arabic versions for BW:

    Kitab Al-Hiyaat
    Today's Arabic Version


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    Default Rsv-ce

    I would like to see the Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition if it isn't already in there (haven't checked recently).
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    I would love to see the Ante Nicene Fathers in Greek (or Latin, depending on which Father).
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    I don't know if such a thing exist anywhere but I'd like to see a list of all the verses (with the text) quoted by "early church fathers".

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    Default Old Church Slavonic? / Samaritan Pentateuch? / Aleppo Codex?

    It would be a HUGE help to have some RUSSIAN and SLAVONIC resources for missionaries in the former USSR doing textual work.

    We would REALLY, REALLY like to have the following modules:

    1. Kuznetsova Russian New Testament, based on Nestle-Aland GNT
    2. Old Church Slavonic Bible (Also called the Elizabeth Bible)

    I would personally like to see the following added as well:

    1. 2 Enoch in Old Slavonic
    2. The Goetze Russian Bible, in pre-Revolutionary script
    3. The Sefer Yetzirah in Hebrew

    I whole-heartedly agree with the many Bible Works users keeping our fingers crossed for the SAMARITAN PENTATEUCH to become available.

    Is there any word on potential availability of the ALEPPO CODEX?

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    Default Neb

    Has anyone produced a digital version of the New English Bible (NEB, 1961-1970) or the Welsh Bible of Bishop Morgan (1588)?

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    I would like to get the KJ3 by Sovereign Grace Publishers. They have it online in PDF format

    Here is the url:

    I do not know if they have any restrictions to adding it to Bibleworks or if royalities are needed.

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    Default desiderata

    Would it not greatly stengthen BibleWorks' scholarly punch if all those versiones were included which the BHS sees fit to give as regular witnesses? Say, for starters,

    - the Samaritan pentateuch
    - the Samaritan targum
    - the Old Testament peshitta

    as well as sorting out the now somewhat jumbled LXX text according to manuscript.

    Aside from such scholarly desiderata, I would personally greatly welcome the addition of three renowned Jewish translations:

    - Saadia Gaon's Tafsir (Arabic)
    - Moses Mendelssohn's Bi'ur (German in Hebrew characters)
    - Buber & Rosenzweig's Die Schrift (German)

    I would be interested, if I can, in helping making these texts available to the BibleWorks community. Being an ignoramus when it comes to building a BibleWorks database, though, I'm not quite sure how to proceed properly, so I would greatly appreciate it if someone might point me to a FAQ. Something on copyright law might also be useful...

    As for the Misnah and Talmud, obviously they would be a tremendous asset to have, yet it seems to me these are works of such magnitude, and of a scope so far extending beyond any direct relevance to the biblical text, that their use for biblical exegesis and research would be far outweighed by the stupendous effort it would take to properly include them. I'm tempted to say the Talmud might be better served with its very own TalmudWorks!

    Kind regards,

    - Martijn Buijs

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