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Thread: What Bible Version Would You Like To See Added To The Master List?

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    Thumbs up Please incorporate this!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by metallurge View Post
    I know it's not even out in print yet, but are there plans to include this? It looks very interesting, from what I can read about it here.
    This is really nice!!! I hope we can incorporate this to Bibleworks.

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    I would like to see the Narrated Bible added to the BW Master List.
    I have been looking for an electronic version of the Narrated Bible by F. LaGard Smith, but have been unsuccessful in finding one.


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    Smile Baibala Hemolele

    ...of course I realize there probably isn't a LOT of demand for this, but I'd like to see it because I'm in the process of compiling it!


    Les Pedersen
    Keaau, Hawaii

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    Quote Originally Posted by sentbygod4 View Post
    i am looking for the orthodox jewish bible and the the hebrew names version i have the ojb in my e-sword files and would like to converet it to Word Search but I have not found a way to do it yet
    I am happy to try and convert Bible versions from e-Sword to BibleWorks. Send versions you want converted to

    Willem Swanepoel
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    To play my own broken record once again: I wish that The Modern Language Bible were available. I'd think it'd be PD by now, but don't know. I only see that a PDA version is available electronically.

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    Unhappy Copyright

    There is copyright on this version (held by Hendrickson Publishing)

    Willem Swanepoel

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    Exclamation Modern Language Bible

    The only version that I can find for the PC is at:

    This comes at $19.95 and can be accessed through Bible Explorer (which is free).

    Willem Swanepoel

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    Thanks, Willem. I'm checking that out now. They've got HCG Moule and other books I've not seen elsewhere, free! Hope someone Libronixizes them, and Alford.

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    Default Greek Transliteration Version

    Does anyone know of a Greek transliteration version (similar to the transliterated Hebrew OT already in BW7)? I am working on a commentary and would love to be able to simply copy and paste from a version rather than manually do the transliteration.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Harmon View Post
    Does anyone know of a Greek transliteration version (similar to the transliterated Hebrew OT already in BW7)? ...
    Depending on what transliteration scheme you are looking for, you can export one of the BW Greek databases to a text file and then simply copy and paste from that. Of course, you'll have to either accept that particular scheme, such as "j" for final sigma, and so forth, or else do global replaces, but either way, this should simplify your task considerably.

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