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    Default vocab

    does anyone have a file for the hebrew vocab (for flashcards) from the ross book?

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    Default Ross vocabulary

    I have an excel file that lists the vocabulary (using bwhebb.fnt), at least up to a ch 10. The class used Ross as a text, but the vocabulary quizes were based on frequency lists in Mitchell. I also included paradigms from the text based on chapter. I'll try to pull it out of my archive and post it.

    I had formatted the file so that I could display it on my PocketPC for memo

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    Default Attached vocab list

    Looks like I had entered end of chapter vocabulary through ch. 12. There are also noun and verb paradigms, by chapter, from the text. The format was such that I could review the lists on my PocketPC screen. I could also export it into a tab delimited text file. The text file could then be imported into the then current version of Teknia ( language tools flashcard program. I didn't try to format it for the Bibeworks module because I was already familiar with the other and could have it on several other computers. I pray this helps you better learn God's Word.
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    Default A.P. Ross Intro To Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary File

    Is this what you are looking for? The compilation was a bit crude but it should mostly be all there...

    The A.P. Ross Intro To Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary File is now available for download. It will be added to the Master list later on.

    Download Link #1:

    Download Link #2:

    Robin Song, M.Div
    Andrews University Theological Seminary
    Berrien Springs, MI

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    Hi Robin,

    Both links indicate the files have expired. Would you mind either e-mailing me a copy or posting a new link?

    Thanks & Blessings,

    Bob Higle
    MDIV Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit

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