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Thread: 7.0 Fix: Misc Font Issues

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    Default New BWHEBB appears rough

    I agree that the new bwhebb font is much rougher than the previous. There is no "rounding" of character strokes; it looks like a mechanical font (e.g. an OCR font) rather than a written font. Not very pleasant on the eyes. The previous hebb seemed much softer.

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    Right click on the desktop and choose Properties. Click on the "Appearnace" tab and then the "Effects" button.
    Make sure that "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" is checked. This is especially important if you have an LCD screen.


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    Default hebb font

    Thanks, Mike, that did help. Now the bwhebb edges are lightly fuzzied instead of harshly sharp. I used the "standard" edge smoothing, since the "clear type" method made all the other fonts fuzzy. Seems the "standard" only impacted the bwhebb, which is good. What changed about the Bwhebb to require this screen smoothing? (By the way, the printed font is fine.)

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    Thumbs up Font appearance tip

    Thansk for the tip, Mike. Clear Type makes the font look a lot clearer.

    I think this tip had been published before, but I needed to do it again after a reinstallation.

    I can never remember all these handy tips!

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    Would it be possible to make the old BWHebb font available again? The new one is driving me nuts. On my laptop, I use regular smoothing, but it looks very fuzzy and hazy. If I change my smoothing to ClearType, the Hebrew looks good, but everything else doesn't.

    I'm between a rock and a hard place.

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    Default Here's the old font

    You can access the old font from this link.


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    Default Thank You Philip!!!

    I was in the same "hard place" as Ben, and it is a relief to return to the old bwhebb!! When I tried to use the standard screen-smoothing, it seemed the screen kept shifting between a heavy and light refresh, e.g. when I was working in Word.
    Now, have I lost anything functionally by returning to this better-looking "old" font?


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    Default No functional losses with old font

    Most, if not all, changes in the new font were accent placement adjustments to avoid accents overlapping with vowel points.

    I don't know enough about how fonts are created to even guess at why the changes caused problems.

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    I have to say I love the new NEW BWHEBB fonts much better than the old NEW BWHEBB fonts. They're way more filled in. In fact, up until the recent change (what was it, 3 or 4 updates ago?), I'd been going with the old OLD BWHEBB fonts. I simply gave the old NEW BWHEBB fonts the "Really, its not you: it's me." speech. "My gimpy eyes, what can I say. (shrugs)" Presbyopia, visual geniza or geezer. One or the other.

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    Default how to insert emphasis mark?

    I am running OpenOffice Writer under Windows 7, and have installed the bwhebb font. But I cannot find how to generate the tiny < sign above a letter, to indicate which syllable receives the vocal emphasis ("accent").

    For example, the Hebrew words "melek" (king) and "eved" (servant) both carry the emphasis on the first syllable, not the last. Most textbooks mark this with a < above the first consonant.

    Can this be done with BWHEBB?

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