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Thread: Josephus Files (Rev 1 6.0.009f)

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    Default Josephus Files (Rev 1 6.0.009f)

    Josephus Files (Rev 1 6.0.009f)

    BibleWorks Automatic Update Notification
    Date: 04/29/04 at 12:35:24
    Title: Josephus Files (Rev 1 6.0.009f)
    This patch contains the next set of updates for the Josephus files.
    To access these downloads go to the <Help|BibleWorks on the Web|Check for Web Updates...> option and follow the directions. This is a NOT a trial version. No access code is needed to download this patch.
    If you have problems with this update please post a reply to this message on the BibleWorks Forum in the Official BibleWorks announcements section.

    Affected Files:
    jom.dbx | [databases]
    jom.wdc | [databases]
    joma.dbx | [databases]
    joma.wdc | [databases]
    jos.dbx | [databases]
    jos.wdc | [databases]
    josa.dbx | [databases]
    josa.wdc | [databases]

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    Default update


    I am not seeing the update. I am running "e".
    Mark Langley
    Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Topeka, KS

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    Default No update found

    I'm not finding the update either.

    Roy E. Ciampa, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of New Testament
    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    130 Essex Street
    South Hamilton, MA 01982

  4. Question Update 9f not showing

    Dear Mike,
    I likewise am not finding 9f, not clicking "Check for web updates" (It says "There are no new updates!"), nor Options>Enter Access Code>(preview)>OK. Nothing.

    In Him, Bennett B. Wethered
    Pastor, Dayspring Orthodox Presbyterian Church
    Warrenton/New Baltimore, Virginia

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    Question Josephus Pimpernel?

    I seek him here ....
    Me neither!

    David McKay

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    Question No Josephus

    Nothing here. Using BW 9e. Later perhaps...

    Ricardo Roman

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    Default I see nothing!

    I'm not seeing them either
    Joe Fleener
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