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I know this is more personal preference than anything, but I checked out your files. Instead of lumping all of the Bible versions in the \userdb\ directory, I put them all in subfolders according to their three letter abbreviation. This makes things a little more tidy, esp when numerous files have with them readme.txt files. I would request that you do this at least for the databases I provided because the readme.txt files do include copyright and such information in them that credit other sources for the files.

Also a number of the Bible versions made by myself and others include a ???.bww file which you should have the installer put in the database directory because BW uses it to give Version ID info.
Actually I prefer the opposite of what Michael suggests in his first paragraph. Whenever I unzip one of his files, I unzip it into the BW7 userdb folder, not into a separate folder. I always have to re-name his readme.txt files, but it's simple to do. The readme for Plato, for example, would be ptoreadme.txt. If Michael would rename his readme.txt files this way, then each new readme.txt wouldn't wipe out a previously-existing readme.txt file. When you unzip all the files into the same userdb folder when you use the BW user database compiler you can see all available .ddf files at a glance, rather than having to open a bunch of separate folders. So, you can't please all of us.
Michael's note about .bww files is well taken.
Mark Eddy