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    Default BibleWorks Master List Installer

    The 07/04/06 BibleWorks "Master List" installer is now available for download.

    Details: This latest package includes:

    - 20V (Twentieth Century New Testament (1902))
    - ABC (Apostles' Bible Complete (2004))
    - ACV (A Conservative Version (2005))
    - AKJ (American King James Version (1999))
    - ALT (Analytical-Literal Translation NT (2000))
    - AMP (Amplified Bible, The (1965))
    - ASM (Mark In Anglo-Saxon)
    - BIB (Bishops' Bible (1568))
    - BWE (Bible In Worldwide English NT (1969))
    - CEV (Contemporary English Version (1995))
    - CLV (Concordant Literal Version NT (1926))
    - COM (The Common Edition: New Testament (2002))
    - CVB (Coverdale Bible (1535))
    - EMP (Emphasized Bible, Rotherham's (1902))
    - EMT (English Majority Text Version NT (2003))
    - FCT (14th Century English Text)
    - GGM (Gospel Of Mark In Gothic)
    - GRT (Greek Bible Transliterated 1.1)
    - GSN (Goodspeed NT (1923))
    - HNV (Hebrew Names Version of WEV)
    - HRV (Holy Bible Revised Version (1885))
    - ISV (International Standard Version NT (1998))
    - J2K (English Jubilee 2000 Bible (2000))
    - JTE (Jerusalem Targum English)
    - KJR (Restored Name King James Version)
    - KLV (Klingon Language Version of WEV)
    - LEE (Leeser Translation OT (1853))
    - LIT (Literal Translation Of The Holy Bible (2000))
    - LVO (Living Oracles NT (1826))
    - MAC (Mace NT (1729))
    - MAM (Marcion's Apostikon Morphology (Galatians))
    - MAT (Marcion's Apostikon (Galatians))
    - MKJ (Modern King James Version (1962))
    - MSG (Message Bible, The (2002)) - temporarily removed
    - MON (Montgomery NT (1924))
    - MOF (Moffatt NT (1913))
    - MRC (Messianic Renewed Covenant (2003))
    - OJB (Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha (1996))
    - OKE (Targum Onkelos In English By J.W. Etheridge)
    - PHP (J.B. Phillips NT (1958))
    - RKN (Revised King James NT (2000))
    - RNT (Riverside NT (1923))
    - TEV (Today's English Version (Good News Bible) (1992))
    - TRC (Tyndale-Rogers-Coverdale-Cranmer Bible (1537))
    - TYN (Tyndale Bible (1534))
    - TYO (Tyndale Original NT (1526))
    - UPD (Updated Bible (2006))
    - WAS (Worrell NT (1904))
    - WEV (World English Bible)
    - WNT (Weymouth New Testament (1912))
    - WSL (Wesley NT (1755))
    - WYC (Wycliffe Bible (1395))

    [Other Books]
    - ANF (Ante Nicene Fathers)
    - APD (Lightfoot's Apostolic Fathers in English)
    - BOM (Book Of Mormon)
    - BUK (Hadith Al Bukhari)
    - CDG (Ecumenical Creeds (German))
    - CDL (Ecumenical Creeks (Latin))
    - CRE (Ecumenical Creeds (English))
    - CRG (Ecumenical Creeks (Greek))
    - ENL (Laurence's Epistle Of Enoch)
    - GTH (Greek Fragments Of Thomas Transliterated)
    - HHG (Homer & Hesiod In Greek)
    - HHJ (Homer (Older Editions))
    - HHM (Homer & Hesiod Morphology)
    - HJM (Homer Morphology For Older Editions)
    - LTH (Lambdin's Translation Of The Gospel Of Thomas)
    - MUS (Sahih Muslim)
    - PAV (Pirke Aboth: Sayings Of The Fathers)
    - PCL (Pseudo Clementine Literature)
    - PJE (Targum Pseudo-Jonathan In English By Etheridge)
    - POT (Pseudepigrapha Of The Old Testament By R.H. Charles)
    - PTO (Plato's Works In Greek)
    - QUR (Quran (Shakir))
    - STH (Scholar's Translation Of The Gospel Of Thomas)
    - WES (Wesley's Commentary On The Bible)
    - XEN (Xenophon In Greek)
    - YPH (Yonge's Translation of Philo)

    [Vocabulary Files]
    - Learn to Read New Testament Greek Vocabulary Files
    - Mounce's BBG2 Vocabulary Files
    - New Testament Greek Primer Vocabulary Files, A
    - Regular Indicative Verb Paradigm Vocabulary Cards

    [Synopsis Files]
    - Synoptic Resources
    - Synopsis of the Gospels
    - Synopsis of Jude & Second Peter
    - Synopsis of the OT in the NT
    - Synopsis of the NT in the OT
    - Synopsis of the Old Testament
    - Synopsis of the Apocrypha & the NT
    - Synopsis of Matthew & the OT
    - Synopsis of the Gospel Of Thomas & The Gospels

    [Book Name Files]
    - Master List book name file (built upon Mark Eddy's)


    This new download (07/04/06) is available at either of these links:
    [removed due to copyright issues]


    Downloading: If you are not familiar with free file hosting services, you need to wait about 30-60 seconds before receiving a downloading ticket which will then allow you to click to another page where you can download the actual file for free. You do *not* have to purchase the premium file service to download this file. See posts #3 and #4 of this thread for more details.

    Installation: Just open the file and click install. That's it.

    File Size: This update is considerably larger than the previous installers. This installer itself is a 95MB download, but once installed, the files will take up approximately 413MB. Please verify that you have enough hard drive space for it.

    BibleWorks 6 Users: This installer is configured for BibleWorks 7 users by default and extracts its files to the folder C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7. For BibleWorks 6 users, you must change the installation directory to C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 6 at the startup prompt.

    East Asian Languages: Because of the 100MB upload limit on the file servers, this version of the Master List Installer does *not* include the East Asian Language Bibles (Korean, Chinese, Japanese). However, they may be downloaded in a separate installer here:

    Other Notes: Also, for the more experienced BibleWorks user, you may also open this file with any Compression Utility out there (WinZip, WinRAR, WinAce, etc.) to extract the ddf/txt/vmf files manually.

    Uninstallation: The uninstaller for the (07/04/06) Master List Update Pack may be downloaded at either of these links:

    This will remove ALL of the installed resources mentioned in the (07/04/06) Master List.



    P.S. For more information on the compilation & contibutors of the Master List, click here:
    Robin Song, M.Div
    Andrews University Theological Seminary
    Berrien Springs, MI
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