Following David's question, I tried exporting Hebrew to unicode and I can't get it to work properly, so I wonder what I'm doing wrong.

My OS is 98 SE. In export to font I had SBL Hebrew as the export font. It gives me gibberish when I paste to Word. In Davka, it gives me Hebrew characters, but some of them are incorrect. I do have this font installed on my system.

I would like to make this work if possible because in the font list within the BW option dialog, my Davka Hebrew fonts show up, which apparently means that I can export to those particular fonts since they are unicode compliant. However, when I export them to Davka from BW, I also get incorrect characters.

I don't know much about this -- what am I saying -- I know nothing about this, so if someone could guide me here, I'd appreciate it. I would love to be able to export BW Hebrew to Davka in unicode with the fonts working properly.