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    Default error reporting

    Hi! I just got BW6 and found it to be a great tool. I do have a question: how or to whom do you report errors in the databases? In any case there's an error in GNT/GNM for Acts 3:12. The tag for pepoihkosin given is vpradm1p. Surely there is no "person" for participles.

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    Default Report Errors to BW Team

    Quote Originally Posted by Kokkee
    how or to whom do you report errors in the databases?
    General errors should be sent to

    Database errors should be sent to
    Joe Fleener
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    Psalm 46:11
    `#r<a'(B' ~Wra' ~yIAGB; ~Wra' ~yhi_l{a/ ykinOa'-yKi W[d>W WPr>h;

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    Default Acts 3 12

    mine is fine at acts 3:12. It reads verb participle perfect active dative masculine plural

    perhaps it was an error fixed by one of the previous patches. Kokkee, have you applied all the available patches?

    the one that gets me is wste -- it pops-up as "so thar."

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