I've held off on wishlist items for awhile now, but I suspect that the flury of activity surrounding the v7 release is starting to normalize so perhaps it's not too early to post a few additional feature requests?

I'm going to gamble on it being OK Now
  1. Editor / Notes
    1. Spell checker in the editor.
    2. Autolinking of Bible verses in the Editor (Type a reference and it's automatically linked with a popup (eg. type John 3:16 and it autolinks))
    3. I'd like to add a few autoformat buttons to the editor toolbar, things like "heading 1", "Heading 2", "Blockquote" etc...
  2. Addons
    1. I'd love a smart tags plugin for MS Word (or better openoffice.org!) which would enable me to type a reference in that program and have it provide options for
      1. turning to that passage in Bibleworks
      2. Replacing the reference in WORD with the text of the passage
      3. inserting user notes for said passage into WORD.
  3. Maps
    1. Autofind box in the toolbar (Start typing "Bethany" and a drop down list starts locating all the map links to Bethany" before we even finish typing "Bet")
    2. The map rendering is pretty resource intensive, it would be nice to have a "Low/High resolution" button on the toolbar that would quickly jump between detailed and not so detailed rendering.
    3. It would be nice if there were a "show only Checked Items" in the overlay dialog. There is after all ALOT of stuff to wade through there.

I have no doubt that many of you have more to add. So what do you say folks, what would you like to see?