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    Default Master book names list again

    I know this thread was began a long time ago, just thought it time to reinvent the wheel again since there has been a number of additions lately. The following are book names that I've used in user-databases I've created:

    (ANF Database book names: )
    JAp,The Apology of Justin,JAp,JAP
    DJT,Dialogue of Justin with Trypho a Jew,DJT,DJT
    JDi,Justin's Discourse to the Greeks,JDi,JDi
    JHG,Justin's Hortatory Address to the Greeks,JHG,JHG
    JSG,Justin on the Sole Government of God,JSG,JSG
    FJR,Fragments of Justin on the Resurrection,FJR,FJR
    IH1,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 1,IH1,IH1
    IH2,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 2,IH2,IH2
    IH3,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 3,IH3,IH3
    IH4,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 4,IH4,IH4
    IH5,Irenaeus Against Heresies Book 5,IH5,IH5
    TAG,Tatian's address to the Greeks,TAG,TAG
    TAA,Theophilus of Antioch to Autolycus,TAA,TAA
    PCA,Plea for the Christians by Athenagoras,PCA,PCA
    ARD,Athenagoras On the Resurrection of the Dead,ARD,ARD
    CEH,Clement of Alexandria Exhortation to the Heathen,CEH,CEH
    CI1,Clement of Alexandria Instructor Book 1,CI1,CI1
    CI2,Clement of Alexandria Instructor Book 2,CI2,CI2
    CI3,Clement of Alexandria Instructor Book 3,CI3,CI3
    CS1,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 1,CS1,CS1
    CS2,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 2,CS2,CS2
    CS3,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 3,CS3,CS3
    CS4,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 4,CS4,CS4
    CS5,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 5,CS5,CS5
    CS6,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 6,CS6,CS6
    CS7,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 7,CS7,CS7
    CS8,Clement of Alexandria Stromata Book 8,CS8,CS8
    TAp,Tertullian Apology,TAp,TAP
    TID,Tertullian On Idolatry,TID,TID
    TSh,Tertullian The Shows,TSh,TSH
    TCh,Tertullian The Chaplet,TCh,TCH
    TTS,Tertullain To Scapula,TTS,TTS
    TAD,Tertullian Ad Nationes,TAD,TAD
    TAJ,Tertullian Answer to the Jews,TAJ,TAJ
    TST,Tertullian The Soul's Testimony,TST,TST
    TSo,Tertullian Treatise on the Soul,TSo,TSO
    TPH,Tertullian Prescription against Heretics,TPH,TPH
    TM1,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 1,TM1,TM1
    TM2,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 2,TM2,TM2
    TM3,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 3,TM3,TM3
    TM4,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 4,TM4,TM4
    TM5,Tertullian Against Marcion Book 5,TM5,TM5
    TAH,Tertullian Against Hermogenes,TAH,TAH
    TAV,Tertullian Against the Valentinians,TAV,TAV
    TFC,Tertullian On the Flesh of Christ,TFC,TFC
    TRF,Tertullian On the Resurrection of the Flesh,TRF,TRF
    TPR,Tertullian Against Praxeas,TPR,TPR
    TSC,Tertullian Scorpiace,TSC,TSC
    AAH,Tertullian Against all Heresies,AAH,AAH
    TOR,Tertullian On Repentance,TOR,TOR
    TBa,Tertullian On Baptism,TBa,TBa
    TOP,Tertullian On Prayer,TOP,TOP
    TAM,Tertullian Ad Martyras,TAM,TAM
    TPF,Tertullian Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas,TPF,TPF
    TPA,Tertullian On Patience,TPA,TPA
    TPl,Tertullian On the Pallium,TPl,TPl
    TAW,Tertullian On the Apparel of Women,TAW,TAW
    TVV,Tertullian On the Veiling of Virgins,TVV,TVV
    THW,Tertullian To His Wife,THW,THW
    TEC,Tertullian On Exhortation to Chastity,TEC,TEC
    TOM,Tertullian On Monogamy,TOM,TOM
    TMd,Tertullian On Modesty,TMD,TMD
    TOF,Tertullian On Fasting,TOF,TOF
    TFP,Tertullian De Fuga in Persecutione,TFP,TFP
    MFO,Minucius Felix The Octavius,MFO,MFO
    IoC,Instructions of Commodianus,IoC,IoC
    OPP,Origen De Principiis Prologue,OPP,OPP
    OP1,Origen De Principiis Book 1,OP1,OP1
    OP2,Origen De Principiis Book 2,OP2,OP2
    OP3,Origen De Principiis Book 3,OP3,OP3
    OP4,Origen De Principiis Book 4,OP4,OP4
    OLt,Origen Letters,OLt,OLt
    OAC,Origen Against Celsus,OAC,OAC
    HRH,Hippolytus Refutation of All Heresies,HRH,HRH
    LPC,Pontius the Deacon Life and Passion of Cyprian,LPC,LPC
    CEp,Cyprian Epistles of Cyprian,CEp,CEP
    CTr,Cyprian Treatises of Cyprian,CTr,CTR
    CEM,Cyprian Exhortation to Martyrdom,CEM,CEM
    CAJ,Cyprian Three Books of Testimonies Against the Jews,CAJ,CAJ
    SCC,Seventh Council of Carthage re: Baptism of Heretics,SCC,SCC
    TMC,The Muratorian Canon,TMC,TMC
    NTT,Novatian Treatise re: the Trinity,NTT,NTT
    NJM,Novation On the Jewish Meats,NJM,NJM
    AAN,Anonymous Treatise Against Novatian,AAN,AAN
    ATB,Anonymous Treatise on Re-Baptism,ATB,ATB
    TDF,Gregory Thaumaturgus Declaration of Faith,TDF,TDF
    TME,Gregory Thaumaturgus Metaphrase of Ecclesiastes,TME,TME
    TCE,Gregory Thaumaturgus Canonical Epistle,TCE,TCE
    TPO,Gregory Thaumaturgus Panegyric to Origen,TPO,TPO

    (HHG database names: )

    ILI,The Iliad,The Iliad,Ili,Iliad
    ODY,The Odyssey,The Odyssey,Ody,Odyssey
    SHI,Shield of Herakles,Shield of Herakles,Shi,Shield
    WAD,Works & Days,Works & Days,WAD,Works
    HHy,Homeric Hymns,HHy,h.Hom.

    (PTO Database names: )

    R01,The Republic-Book One,The Republic-Book One,R01
    R02,The Republic-Book Two,The Republic-Book Two,R02
    R03,The Republic-Book Three,The Republic-Book Three,R03
    R04,The Republic-Book Four,The Republic-Book Four,R04
    R05,The Republic-Book Five,The Republic-Book Five,R05
    R06,The Republic-Book Six,The Republic-Book Six,R06
    R07,The Republic-Book Seven,The Republic-Book Seven,R07
    R08,The Republic-Book Eight,The Republic-Book Eight,R08
    R09,The Republic-Book Nine,The Republic-Book Nine,R09
    R10,The Republic-Book Ten,The Republic-Book Ten,R10
    No1,Laws-Book One,Laws-Book One,No1
    No2,Laws-Book Two,Laws-Book Two,No2
    No3,Laws-Book Three,Laws-Book Three,No3
    No4,Laws-Book Four,Laws-Book Four,No4
    No5,Laws-Book Five,Laws-Book Five,No5
    No6,Laws-Book Six,Laws-Book Six,No6
    No7,Laws-Book Seven,Laws-Book Seven,No7
    No8,Laws-Book Eight,Laws-Book Eight,No8
    No9,Laws-Book Nine,Laws-Book Nine,No9
    N10,Laws-Book Ten,Laws-Book Ten,N10
    N11,Laws-Book Eleven,Laws-Book Eleven,N11
    N12,Laws-Book Twelve,Laws-Book Twelve,N12
    Hip,Hippias Major,Hippias Major,Hip
    Hmn,Hippias Minor,Hippias Minor,Hmn
    Al1,Alcibiades A,Alcibiades A,Al1
    Al2,Alcibiades B,Alcibiades B,Al2

    (XEN Database Book names: )

    An1,Anabasis-Book One,Anabasis-Book One,An1
    An2,Anabasis-Book Two,Anabasis-Book Two,An2
    An3,Anabasis-Book Three,Anabasis-Book Three,An3
    An4,Anabasis-Book Four,Anabasis-Book Four,An4
    An5,Anabasis-Book Five,Anabasis-Book Five,An5
    An6,Anabasis-Book Six,Anabasis-Book Six,An6
    An7,Anabasis-Book Seven,Anabasis-Book Seven,An7
    Cy1,Cyropaedia-Book One,Cyropaedia-Book One,Cy1
    Cy2,Cyropaedia-Book Two,Cyropaedia-Book Two,Cy2
    Cy3,Cyropaedia-Book Three,Cyropaedia-Book Three,Cy3
    Cy4,Cyropaedia-Book Four,Cyropaedia-Book Four,Cy4
    Cy5,Cyropaedia-Book Five,Cyropaedia-Book Five,Cy5
    Cy6,Cyropaedia-Book Six,Cyropaedia-Book Six,Cy6
    Cy7,Cyropaedia-Book Seven,Cyropaedia-Book Seven,Cy7
    Cy8,Cyropaedia-Book Eight,Cyropaedia-Book Eight,Cy8
    He1,Hellenica-Book One,Hellenica-Book One,He1
    He2,Hellenica-Book Two,Hellenica-Book Two,He2
    He3,Hellenica-Book Three,Hellenica-Book Three,He3
    He4,Hellenica-Book Four,Hellenica-Book Four,He4
    He5,Hellenica-Book Five,Hellenica-Book Five,He5
    He6,Hellenica-Book Six,Hellenica-Book Six,He6
    He7,Hellenica-Book Seven,Hellenica-Book Seven,He7
    Me1,Memorabilia-Book One,Memorabilia-Book One,Me1
    Me2,Memorabilia-Book Two,Memorabilia-Book Two,Me2
    Me3,Memorabilia-Book Three,Memorabilia-Book Three,Me3
    Me4,Memorabilia-Book Four,Memorabilia-Book Four,Me4
    Cav,Cavalry General,Cavalry General,Cav
    PSp,Polity of the Spartans,Polity of the Spartans,PSp
    Hrs,On Horsemanship,On Horsemanship,Hrs
    Hun,On Hunting,On Hunting,Hun
    Way,Ways and Means,Ways and Means,Way

    (Herodotus in Greek (HDT) and English (HDE) Book names: )
    Hd1,Histories-Book One,Histories-Book One,Hd1
    Hd2,Histories-Book Two,Histories-Book Two,Hd2
    Hd3,Histories-Book Three,Histories-Book Three,Hd3
    Hd4,Histories-Book Four,Histories-Book Four,Hd4
    Hd5,Histories-Book Five,Histories-Book Five,Hd5
    Hd6,Histories-Book Six,Histories-Book Six,Hd6
    Hd7,Histories-Book Seven,Histories-Book Seven,Hd7
    Hd8,Histories-Book Eight,Histories-Book Eight,Hd8
    Hd9,Histories-Book Nine,Histories-Book Nine,Hd9

    (Apollonius Rhodius in Greek (ApRh) : )

    (Demosthenes in Greek (DEM) : )


    (Pseudo-Apollodorus in Greek (PSA) : )

    LiA,Library-Book One,Library-Book One,LiA
    LiB,Library-Book Two,Library-Book Two,LiB
    LiC,Library-Book Three,Library-Book Three,LiC

    (Tacitus in Latin (TAC) : )


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