Plato's works massively updated.

Now contains 500,000+ words and every work in the Platonic corpus (as in the Stephanus volumes) EXCEPT:
Theaetetus, Gorgias, the Letters, and shorter works in the last volume of the Stephanus books (Axiochus, On Justice, On Virtue, Demodocus, Sisyphus, Eryxias, and Definitions.

There will be one last update to include Theaetetus, Gorgias, and the Letters.

Also, I redid all Stephanus references so now they are at the end of the "verse" they refer to rather than at the beginning. This was done to overcome a searching problem.

And for those wanting more Greek, Xenophon's Works should be on the way very soon, followed by a few of Plutarch's Lives. Greek Orators is also on the map, but unfortunately most of these are not available in public domain form