I have started writing an independent User Guide for BibleWorks 7. I have released it under the GNU Free Documentation Licence. The PDF is available for free download, and in the near future I hope to publish the User Guide on LuLu so that people can obtain printed copies.

The User Guide is only about 90 pages so far, so this is still early days. But if you want to see what it looks like so far, you can download both the PDF and the OpenOffice.org source from:

I welcome feedback on this User Guide, so if anyone has any comments or requests, then please email me at macleod dot ewan at gmail dot com.
Let me know what is important, what chapters I should write first, what you think of the general style and layout, etc. I want users to influence the future content and direction of the User Guide. And the more positive and constructive feedback, the faster the project will be completed!

Ewan MacLeod