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Thread: help for BW 7

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    Default help for BW 7

    Hello all,
    This may be a dumb question, but if I just bought BW6 not too long ago, do I have to pay the full purchase price again to get BW7? or is there is an update for a cheaper price that I can buy?


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    Default upgrade price

    yes, you can upgrage to 7. i think it costs 150, used to be 125, but life gets more expensive when oil is in shorter supply.

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    Contact the good folk at BibleWorks ( and explain your situation. They will be extremely fair with you. Obviously the longer before the arrival of 7.0 that you bought 6.0, the more $150 is a very fair price.

    Talk to them. Tell 'em arggem sent you if you want to. (It won't help you, but you can tell them if you want to . )

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    Thumbs up Even at the current cost of upgrade it's worth it!

    Yes, I agree, contact BW to see if they can work out a deal, but even if they don't the cost of the upgrade is MORE than justified! I wrote the following in an earlier post:
    Quote Originally Posted by jdarlack
    The following items are included in the base package upgrade to BibleWorks 7 (without purchasing any additional modules):
    • Archer & Chirichigno - (not available electronically in any other platform; book available for $11.00 - $169.00)
    • Gingrich's Shorter Lexicon - (not available electronically in any other platform; book available for $2.00 - $140.00)
    • Philo (morphological database) - $99.95 Libronix; $100.00 Accordance
    • Philo (English text) - $24.95 Libronix; $50.00 Accorcance
    • Holladay's Shorter Lexicon - $34.95 Libronix
    • Metzger's Texual Commentary - $34.95 Libronix
    • Tov/Polak LXX/BHS aligned database - $100 Libronix
    • Lust's LXX lexicon - $74.95 Libronix; $70.00 Accordance
    • Apostolic Fathers - $69.95 Libronix pre-pub (includes morph text & three translations); $100 Accordance (Morph text only).
    Keep in mind that many of the costs given above do not take into account the cost of the products as a part of a "package" in Accordance or Libronix. That being said, if you were to add up the cost of these resources (which are included in the upgrade to the base package of BibleWorks - not including the program enhancements or add-on modules) you can easily justify the upgrade!
    I've heard some BW users complain about the cost of upgrading BW. They remark that "any other program" doesn't charge nearly as much. Well, when one considers that the upgrades that BW provides includes added texts and tools, and NOT just interface enhancements, I believe that this charge is simply unfounded (especially if one adds up the costs of the added texts and tools mentioned in the post above).
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    Default Well summarized

    Darlack summarized very well what a great buy the upgrade to BW 7 is. I think its an unparalleled value for dollar in biblical studies software. Can't believe how much stuff BW adds without charging us more for it--not that I want them to get any new aggressive pricing ideas from the postings that Darlack and I have just put up here

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