See the following thread, post#97

You can also search for a reference in a collection, etc.
libronixdls:dialog|name=SearchBasic|search=bible in "<Book> <Chapter>:<Verse>"|collection-name=(collection name, with no space, parenthesis, brackets, or anything.)

(Go to tools - Define Collections within Libronix. You can create a Collection which is a combination of any "books" you have in Libronix and the give it a name. For this feature to work w/ BW don't put any spaces or other odd characters in the name of your Libronix collection, e.g Journals, Grammars, CommentarySeries)
When I created my setup some time ago, I had to create a collection "NewAmericanCommentary." And then, using the above command, configured a reference link in BW7. The other way I've found to be helpful is to setup a Logos workspace with a Bible text, a commentary, and a passage guide window all linked. Then a reference call to active Bible causes the other windows to jump to the same reference. (I'm not in front of my computer at the moment, so this is just by memory.)