Hi. I am Moon-ryul Jung from Korea.

I studied computational linguistics at the Univ of Pennsylvania.
I bought Bibleworks to study the Scriptures in more depth. I found out the morphological search engine provided by the Bibleworks is not sufficiently powerful for my purpose. I am interested in writing
a computer program that can search for complex patterns of phrases and clauses from the text.

I tried to use the WTM morphology file provided by Bibleworks. But
I do not know the inner structure of the file, because it is in
a private file format. I need a plain text file or a file whose
format is known.

So, I wonder if I can obtain such a file from the Bibleworks company.
I read it is public, but I could not locate the place I can
download the files. Or should I buy them? If so, please let me know
how I can buy them. I will the files only for an academic purpose.
I am planning to write a paper on the interaction between
the WAYYIQTOL form and the X + QATAL form in Biblical Hebrew.

Moon-Ryul Jung
Sogang Universtiy, Seoul, Korea