I've just upgraded from BW5 to 7 and I'm truly amazed at what's been accomplished. BW5 was good, but BW7 is stunning! Kudos to the Bibleworks staff.

Because of issues (to me, at least) with the editor in BW5, I never used it much. Now, however, I've started to make heavy use of the new BW7 editor. During my daily work with BW7, I've discovered a number of minor things that might make daily work in Bibleworks quicker and easier, and I've tried to group them into logical groups below.

Keyboard navigation:
The following features would increase speed whilst working in the editor:
  • The ability to assign (possibly user-defined) hot-keys to editor toolbar buttons, such as the ones used inserting links to current verse, link to last-used resource, etc.
  • The ability to assign (possibly user-defined) hot-keys switch to the editor, user notes, resource summary and word analysis tabs. I already make extensive use of Esc to get back to the Command Line, but often I want to quickly flip between Resource Summary and Word Analysis and have to reach for the mouse to do so.
  • Have F3 bring the last-used editor to the foreground. Currently, if the editor tab is in the foreground, then F3 will place the focus (and cursor) back in the editor. If the editor tab is not in the foreground (hidden behind Resource Summary, etc.) then F3 does nothing).
  • The ability to access the editor context-menu using the keyboard. In the absence of keyboard shortcuts directly bound to editor toolbar buttons, the ability to get to an equivalent (menu-based) list of actions using a pop-up menu would be great. At present, however, I can't find any way to pop up the editor context menu without using the mouse, and the popup menu doesn't fully represent all actions on the editor toolbar.
  • The ability to use Alt+Left and Alt+Right to navigate through previous/next entries in the Search Window History.
Filtering in the KWIC/Collocation Window:
  • The new KWIC/Collocation window is really useful. Often when using it, I find myself wishing I would filter the bottom word-list by typing the word/s I'm looking for. For example, if I enter "God" in the "word" text-field and then do a search, it would be nice to be able to filter the results to show all places where the words "love", "loves", "loved", etc. appear in relation to God by typing "love*" into a filter window.
Copying Unicode text to the command-line:
I've enabled Unicode export for both Hebrew and Greek, and now if I select a word from one of the lexicons, copy it to the clipboard, and then try to paste it into the command-line, it comes out all wrong. Perhaps the ability to hold down Ctrl+Shift+C (or something) to tell Bibleworks to copy without Unicode-export might be useful.

Minor typo:
The Holladay entry for Nefesh (see Eze 18.20, for example) has the text "living beign", instead of "living being".

Thanks for a superb product, and thanks for any consideration these feature requests might receive.