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Thread: Adjusting Fonts in Resource Summary Window

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    Default Adjusting Fonts in Resource Summary Window

    Since Bibleworks has given us the ability now to order the lexicons in the Resource Window, I am using it more - and daily appreciating what a useful tool this is!!

    But I have a question that I could not find the answer to:

    How do I adjust the font size of the text in the Resource Summary Window, specifically the Summary tab? I cannot find the setting. I can adjust the Browse Window font size, and by adjusting the size under "AW" the Word Analysis Window is adjusted.

    I want to make the font size smaller so as to get more text on my screen. It would also be nice to have it possible word wrap as well. I've attached a screen shot so you all can see what I mean. If it is not possible, that's OK - I just don't want to not have something because I can't find it!

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