For those BW users who have been interested in Greek outside of the NT and specifically in this case for Homeric Greek, user-created databases have been quite a plus.

Thus far I've offered a Homeric Vocab module.
The Greek text of Homer and Hesiod with Homeric Hymns.

And now two additional offerings.

1. An English translation of The Iliad which fits the verse structure of the Homeric Greek text. It's an old, archaic translation, but it's a start.

2. A lemmatized morphology of The Iliad book one (more to come in the future!) which will allow you to get even more functionality out of the Homeric text. This is not a fully parsed text like the Bible, Septuagint, etc., but it is a huge leap forward!

These last two additions are very fresh and nowhere near perfect, but I figured the best way to get them corrected would be to put them out for your use.

Also a huge thanks for these last two offerings has to go to John Jackson of because it was only through the availability of his files that I was able to convert these things so quickly and get them out to you guys. So if you're a Palm user, be sure to drop him a note of thanks for all of HIS HARD WORK and for letting us use his material for BW users!!