I recently purchased the Logos Original Languages Library product but am having second thoughts and am wondering if I should return it and buy BibleWorks instead.

My particular issue is that I am relatively new to Greek study but am taking an informal class where we are exegeting the book of 1 John. I need a tool which will provide me not only with the parsing information for a word but with what that information specifically means for that specific form of the word, preferably with reference to the specific context in which it is used.

For example, I can hover over a word and learn that it is a verb present active subjunctive 1st person plural. What I really need is to know what this means. What is the significance of the fact that its mood is subjunctive, is there significance in that it is a present subjunctive or an active subjunctive, how does that influence the specific meaning the word is intended to convey, etc.? I want the tool to tell me this rather than just giving the parsing data. Linking to TDNT or a grammar is not enough - I need a concise explanation of the significance of the particular form of the word and preferably including an analysis of the surrounding words if there is any change in meaning which could occur (such as by a modifier of the word being in a specific case, etc.).

I may be asking too much and it may be that the current state of the art for this type of software has not yet reached the point where an extensive grammatical analysis for every word in the Greek New Testament is possible.

Does anyone know if BibleWorks is able to do this?

Thank you.