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Thread: BW6: SplashScreen, then Nothing..

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    Default BW6: SplashScreen, then Nothing..

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have just wiped/re-installed Windows XP sp2 on our 3 library computers--I have installed BW6, and it looks like it installed ok--When I try to open it, all I get is the Splash Screen, which goes away after a few seconds, then nothing. The computers all have the same Image of XP, but different hardware--All machines used to run BW6 fine. I uninstalled, and reinstalled bw6, still nothing--Tried to manually update program files from bw website, but they would not install. I am on a administrative account. non-domain, all up-to-date on hotfixes. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!

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    Default BW6 Installation

    1. What have you installed on the computer between Windows and BW6?
    2. Are the three computers, three separate installations, or are they just clones off a central installation source?
    3. What programs/utilities are running in memory while BW6 is being run?
    4. When the BibleWorks 6 splash screen goes away, is the BW60.exe process still running in memory, or has it been terminated?

    - Corrupted Windows install due to bad install disc
    - Corrupted BibleWorks 6 install due to bad install disc
    - Corrupted BibleWorks 6 install due to third party element (virus, antivirus, spyware, antispyware. etc.)
    - Third-party element causing BibleWorks to malfunction.

    Possible Solutions (in order from quickest to longest):
    1. I'm not completely sure about this, but I think you can try to copy the entire C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 6\ folder off a working computer and just copy the whole folder into the computer rather through the installation CD. There were a couple of programs I was surprised that worked this way; I can't remember but I think BibleWorks 6 was one of them. It's a cheap solution, but hey - if it works, it works.
    2. You can try to disable all third party elements (e.g. antivirus, antispyware, registry tracker, etc.) before installing BW6 fresh.
    3. You can try to uninstall all third party elements (e.g. antivirus, antispyware, registry tracker, etc.) before installing BW6 fresh.
    4. You can try to reinstall windows fresh using a different install CD, and install BibleWorks 6 first, and verify that it works before installing anything else.

    Other things you can try:

    1. Try installing BW6 onto a completely separate computer using the install disc you have. If that install results in the same way, then it's most likely the disc.
    2. Check the install discs for scratches, fingerprints, holes/flaking (on burned discs).
    3. Get yourself a copy of BibleWorks 7.
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    Lightbulb Installation Failure with Norton Antivirus

    I had a similar problem with BW60 this morning. BibleWorks was one of the last programs I installed (shame on me).

    I tried deleting Temp files, killing processes (msconfig), etc. I even tried deleting the Norton Antivirus program but the system said I had to be an Administrator first...well, I AM an Administrator!

    So I went through the back door.

    Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

    Once in there "Stop" Norton Antivirus services.

    Viola! Problem solved.

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