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Thread: Multiple Versions with the Editor's Hypertext Link tool?

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    Default Multiple Versions with the Editor's Hypertext Link tool?

    The hyperlinks in the lexicons and other modules presently show multiple version references in popups, e.g. NAS, BGT and WTT, as appropriate. These links are powered by javascript, I think. I'd like to know if there is any way to use the hypertext link maker in the BW editor to include suchmultiple versions, as well. I've tried fiddling with the VERSIONID parameter and so far haven't succeeded. Any suggestions?
    Dan Pater

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    Dan, I don't believe there's any way to specify, but you're not the first one to request this.

    That said, I sometimes *do* have multiple versions pop up in the editor, the same ones I have set to pop-up over lexicon references. It's not consistant behavior, though, so I do'nt know what causes it.

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    Default An editor multiversion popup kludge - hopefully temporary!

    Ben, thanks for your reply. I've been unsuccessfully 'playing' with the editor multiversion popup idea. I have not been able to reproduce the 'inconsistent' behavior you cite. However, you got me thinking. I tried copying from lexicons where multiversion popups occur. Once in the Editor, these popups become single version, of a format that is not listed in the templates in the editor hypertext link tool: BwRef('WTT_Exo 22:8'). I've tried various types of punctuation to join this to, say, BwRef('RSV_Exo 22:8'). While this doesn't break the reference popup, the second version doesn't show up all the same.
    However, I've come up with a very kludgy kludge: split the reference into two parts, where the version code has one version pop up and the chapter:verse has another version pop up. The only problem is that you need a space between the two parts, otherwise BW interprets (it seems) all as one word and therefore limits it to one reference. I made two references and then removed the space, and the 'two became one', so to speak.
    Dan Pater

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