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Thread: Quick print of verbs w/morph for a passage?

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    Question Quick print of verbs w/morph for a passage?

    Is there a way to print up a review list for a passage that gives all the verbs...parsing information and the actual text as found.

    For example Rev. 2:12-17..printing a list of each verb in the form used in the text...with a parsing of it and the root verb next to it would show
    grayon then Imperative Act Aor 2nd sing....of grafw this way a guy could study all the verbs quickly for a passage without the other words cluttering things up??

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    Default Report Generator

    1. Go to Tools - Report Generator
    2. Choose BNM
    3. Type Rev 2:12-17 in the "Range"
    4. Include the text BNT
    5. Analyze BNT
    6. In the field "Morph Code Include Filter" type *@v*
    7. Check only the box for "Include Morphological Analysis"
    8. Click Build Report
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