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Thread: Naming of Wallace in BW7

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    Question Naming of Wallace in BW7

    I like BW 7 very much! For example, the editor's Insert link function. However, I cannot understand why BW 7 constantly refers to "Wallace, Exegetical Syntax of the NT", as its titel is, as its correct title is "Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics" according to the Coverpage and the colophon while "Exegetical Syntax of the NT" is its subtitle. I have to handedit all inserted links to correct this. The subtitle is also used in the Resource Summary.
    Would it be possible to correct this?
    Dr. Georg S. Adamsen

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    Smile Naming of Wallace in BW7

    I wrote a more detailed description of what I wanted:

    "You see, in the editor you can make the editor Insert link to Last Resource Summary Item. If I choose that having used Wallace it insert a text such as Wallace, Exegetical Syntax of the NT. This is the BW name, but it is not its real name. So it is in the Add/Modify Hypertext link-function that I would like to see the correct title. I am not sure whether there are other places like this. It is okay with me to keep the name internally in BW."

    Mike answered: "You can just edit the CHD file for Wallace or any other module, to modify the text that is displayed in menus and in the editor inserts. Just open esnt.chd in the databases directory. The item to change is under DESCRIPTION. This will change what is added to the editor when you insert the link. Be careful with what editor you use. Some may strip out the carriage return when you save it. Wordpad in TXT mode is safe. You'll need to exit BW before making the change as this file is only read when BW starts up."

    Actually, this changes the text in the Resource Summary. If you change the line MENU to "Wallace, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics", then it works also in the editor.

    By the way, this procedure also works with other resources. Quite nice, isn't it?
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    Dr. Georg S. Adamsen, Denmark
    Specialist in Academic Writing and Biblical Studies

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