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Thread: BW7 browse window scrolling

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    Default BW7 browse window scrolling

    At the moment scrolling up/down with arrow keys moves the cursor up or down and ctrl+up/down scrolls to next/previous verse.

    I used to be able to change these keys in BW6 so that I didn't have to use two hands to scroll down verses, but could do that with only the arrow keys. (I use laptop so I don't like to use the mouse much)

    Is there a possibility to change these keys in BW7 and where can I find it?

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    From the help section on the browse window.-

    Browse Window Scrolling Shortcuts

    The Browse Window has several shortcuts to facilitate browsing through text. There are three different scroll modes. To change the scroll mode place the mouse over the Browse Window and click with the Left Mouse Button. Then press: Ctrl + Shift + á (the up arrow key). As you press this key combination three times you will see the current scroll mode shown the in Information Window in lower left hand corner of the BibleWorks Screen. The three scroll modes are:

    Scroll Mode
    Non Synch mode
    In this mode the up and down arrow keys will cause the Browse Window to go backwards and forwards one verse.
    Synch Mode
    This is the same as the previous mode, but all open Browse Windows will be scrolled as well.
    Scroll Mode Off
    This is the default mode. The up and down arrow function as navigation keys within the Browse Window.

    Edit:The formatting didn't come through right. Find the section in the help.

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