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    Hello Users!

    It is important to stay current especially just after a new release. We do extensive beta testing before a release but it is impossible to catch everything. We apologize for any inconvenience that unexpected program problems cause and we will fix any problems as soon as we can.

    To check for updates, connect to the Internet, and then select "Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for Updates" from the Main Menu. If there are any updates available they will appear in the list with a check box beside each update. Check the items that you want to download and select "Apply Selected Updates". The update will then be downloaded and applied.

    When we receive a report of a bug that needs to be fixed, or when we add a new feature or enhancement, we first post it to a group of testers to make sure that the fix has not caused undesirable side effects. After the fix has passed through this check it will be posted for you to download. If you wish to get the fix before it has been tested thoroughly, you can tell the BibleWorks program to also display fixes that are not quite ready for public release. To do that click on "Options | Enter Access Code(s)" from the Updater menu and enter the code "preview" (without the quotes). If there are other codes listed type a space between the access codes. Note that if you choose to have the test items listed, you may sometimes see two versions listed (for example, the latest test executable and the latest public executable). You should always download the latest one listed. You do not need to download both.

    If for some reason you need to revert back to a previous version, select "Options | Show Downloaded Patches" from the Updater menu. Previous downloads will then be listed and you can select an older version if you want to return to it.

    When a major fix or program enhancement has been posted a note will also be posted to this forum section. If you wish you can arrange to have an e-mail sent to you when a fix has been posted by subscribing to this forum. Here's how to subscribe to this fourm: Go to the main page for this forum (click here). Above, in the header for this window, click Forum Tools | Subscribe to this forum.

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