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Thread: BW 7 Manual?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vr8ce
    Scott, I'm glad you don't need a manual, but please stop asserting that your lack of need translates directly to others lack of need.
    Vince, don't tell me what to assert or what not to assert. You can state your opinion any way you please. I will state mine the way I please, and if you don't like it, tough. Got it?

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    Just for the sake of accuracy, it should be known that after rereading every post on this thread, I found ONE person who used the word need with regard to a printed manual, and that was not for himself, but for teaching his students. In other words, without parsing words, and taking the statements in context, he and every one else who posted on this thread was able to use version 7 without a printed manual.

    Every other poster, including Dale, who said he read the printed manuals from cover to cover (you gotta be kidding ), said he could use version 7 without the manual as long as the online help file was available.

    If the printed manual appears, I'll be happy to applaud all the petitioners, for I will be one of the recipients of their petitions.

    However, as I said before --

    First, I wouldn't want a printed manual to interfere with other projects.

    Second, I personally would like to save BW the time and expense as a token of appreciation for the costs that they absorb and do not pass on to us.

    And third, I really wonder why BW is being singled out about a printed manual when every other major software publisher that I'm aware of does not ship printed manuals anymore. I really wonder why it's such a big issue with BW.

    I don't have a printed manual for any of the major programs on my computer, including Davka, which is not only an exceptional program, but is very feature rich and therefore can be quite as complilcated as BW, such as customizable nikud, troph, etc.

    Now, for those who want a manual and who haven't said so yet, by all means fire away.

    I still vote no.

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    I've been looking online for a program that converts from chm to pdf. Here's a site for one that can do that:

    However, it is not a free product, and does not seem to maintain the hyperlinks in the main window, is time limited and stamps an "unregistered" notice on the odd pages. Otherwise it would probably be one way of producing a printable manual for those who want one.

    I'm throwing this out for the sake of promoting a constructive approach to the exchange of opinions here (it's starting to heat up, it seems) and for hopefully obtaining better solutions.

    Specifically, does anybody have a free program out there that a) can produce a useable pdf (links, no limitations)?

    Dan Pater

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    Hi Guys,

    I think this topic has run its course. The development staff has noted the desire for a printed manual. If people are unable to print the HTML files, we can try to make the needed adjustments. Thank you for your input.

    This thread is now closed.

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