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    In contrast to previous versions, I have not recommended version 7 to anyone, in part due to lack of a manual (other reasons: BibleWorks 7 is incredibly slow to load; the value-to-price ratio is low – especially with no manual; BibleWorks practice of premature product release as a business practice; known problems and weaknesses that have gone uncorrected). It is revealing that, of the four individuals in my acquaintance who have earlier versions of BibleWorks, none have upgraded, or seem likely to do so.

    I think this is a grossly unfair characterization.

    If you think BW 7 is slow, by all means, pick up and compare its main competitor. On my computer (P4 2.4, 7200 RPM hard-drive, 1.2 Gig RAM- no screaming demon by any measurement), BW loads in about 9 seconds. Its main competitor takes roughly 4x as long. Searches still blaze in BW, and since I only start it up once per day, I'd much rather have fast searches and "slow" startup than vice-versa.
    I had no idea manuals were worth so much in terms of program value, especially when one has the capability to print one. If the help (both in the program and on-line) weren't so good, I could understand the complaint more. Have you avoided any other progrm upgrades because they had no printed manual?

    BibleWorks practice of premature product release as a business practice; known problems and weaknesses that have gone uncorrected
    As a
    user since BW 4 and a beta-tester on BW7, BW6, and BW5, this is utter garbage.

    None of the "major bugs" that have come up since the release appeared during beta-testing. If they had, they would have been fixed. Bibleworks is without comparison the best company I have seen in terms of getting out a solid product, and then fixing any problems within days.

    If you want to talk about bad business practice, let's compare Endnote. Version 8 was incredibly buggy, and incompatible with Windows XP SP2. They fixed that, but instead of repairing the other bugs, quickly released Endnote v.9. $100 upgrade. It *still* has major problems. Endnote doesn't have a forum like this, and they don't respond to emails, in my experience.

    I think it revealing that BW has been swamped with sales since the release. I have recommended it to people who have promptly upgraded, and will continue to do so.
    I find my loyalty to the product growing to the point of defensiveness , and I think that says something about how good it is.
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