I'd like to study verbatim strings of agreement in the Greek text of the Synoptic Gospels. What I'd like to do is capture every instance where two or more Gospels have exactly the same wording (including same case, tense, etc.), without a break, in strings of five words or more. For example, in Matt 17:10-11 and Mark 9:11-12 we find a seven-word verbatim string of agreement: hoti Elian dei elthein proton; ho de. (Note that such strings will often cross verse-boundaries).

Of course I can look for these strings the old-fashioned way, by scanning my copy of Aland's Synopsis, which I've already colored by hand. But I'm wondering if anyone knows if such verbatim strings of agreement can be found using BibleWorks (or some other software). The difficulty here is that I'm not asking for every occurrence of a known string, but for every occurrence of every unknown string of five words or more.

If anyone has any bright ideas I'll be grateful to hear from you.