I have two closely related questions.

1. Does anyone know of a fairly robust (and free) Unicode transliteration font? I've been using one called Doulos, which seems to have all the basic transliterations for Hebrew, Akkadian, Ugaritic, Egyptian, Arabic, and Greek. But I've had a difficult time creating ways of using the symbols, often resorting to creating a series of keystrokes to produce one symbol or to selecting it. I've tried using the option of where it says something like ALT + 2301 (or the like) but that never seems to work. Anybody have any suggestions for a computer neophyte such as myself?

2. Is there a way to copy/paste from HALOT and to bring that material (usually the stuff where it provides the comparative Semitic evidence) so that the material comes into a nice transliteration font (Doulos or another) in italics? I'd especially like the Hebrew to come out in transliteration and for everything to come out in the same font.

PS: I'm not really sure what Unicode is, but I think it's a type of computer language that recognizes characters in all languages according to a code, which allows the information to be transferred from one computer to another.