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Thread: BW7 and SmartTags in MS Office?

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    Default BW7 and SmartTags in MS Office?

    One of the really cool things I like about "that other program" is that if i type a scripture reference in Word, it is recognized as a smarttag. A little box will pop up and and I choose to replace what i typed with the entire passage. It is extremely helpful, and is, in fact, the one thing I use "that other program" for.

    Does BW7 have that? If it doesn't, could I make a feature request?

    SmartTags are documented by MS, so this might be something that someone in the user community could develop.


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    This would be a neat feature for the new BW7 editor too. It does sound like BW7 has a nice tabbed system so you can do multiple searches/versions all active under a different tab, but small features like this that streamline the experience are always a plus.

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    Default ctrl + shift + b

    I guess it is a couple of extra steps, but you can press:

    ctrl + shift +b while in Word w/ BW open (this works as far back as 4.0 I believe)

    This places a small copy box within Word which will allow you to copy the full text of a verse into your Word document in any translation you want without having to leave your document.
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    Well.....that actually brings up something else I like about "the other program." Using the copy utility via smarttags has a lot more formatting features. I've downloaded the documentation for smarttags, and hope that I can allow easier formatting. If I ever get something working, I'll post it for free. If anyone has made a smarttag before, I'd love some advice

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