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    Will BW 7 unistall 6, install along with 6? Also, since this is an update, does it require BW 6 to be on the computer before it is installed.

    I am getting a new computer and would like to plan on how best to proceed with BW 7 installation.

    John Fidel

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    When you pay the upgrade price for BW 7 you get the whole program. It does not check for BW 6 (or 5 or 4) on your computer. You get the upgrade price when you purchase it, if you can give the serial number of your previous installation.

    BW suggests that you uninstall BW 6 (e.g. using the Windows uninstall in Control Panel) before you install BW 7. This will, however, leave any databases or notes that you may have created or altered in your BW 6 folder, so that you can copy them over into the appropriate BW 7 folder after you have installed BW 7. If you have unlocked databases, the unlock codes will also be left in the BW 6 folder and can be transferred to the BW 7 folder, or once installed BW 7 can search for your unlock codes, and it will find them in the BW 6 folder, if you forget to transfer them.

    Since BW allows you to install the program on two computers (as long as they are not used by two different people at the same time), there is no problem installing BW 7 on a new computer that didn't contain BW 6. Of course, if you have any notes in BW 6, you will have to transfer them from the old computer to the new one and place them in the appropriate BW 7 folder. Unlock codes will also have to be entered manually on the new computer.

    But in general BW 7 doesn't care what computer you install it on, as long as you owned BW 6, you can install BW 7 on whichever two computers you wish.

    All this information will appear on your screen when you install and agree to the license.

    God bless your use of BW 7!
    Mark Eddy

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