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    Default Announcing BibleWorks 7!

    Software for Biblical Exegesis & Research

    January 25, 2006

    In this issue:

    1) BibleWorks 7 is Here!
    2) What's New in BibleWorks 7?
    3) How to Order BibleWorks 7 Today!


    1) BibleWorks 7 is Here!

    We are pleased to unveil BibleWorks(TM) 7, our most resource-rich and
    instruction-oriented software package ever. With over 110 Bible
    translations in 32 languages, BibleWorks continues to add to the
    multitude of lexicons, grammar resources and tools that serious Bible
    study requires. The newly-integrated Study Guides with detailed
    "how-to" videos make BibleWorks 7 an especially practical program.
    When it comes to Biblical exegesis, BibleWorks remains one of the most
    powerful, quick, and user-friendly software programs for Windows.
    Seminary students, professors, pastors, and missionaries doing close
    study of the original Greek and Hebrew text of the Bible will find
    their work to be even more productive.

    2) What's New in BibleWorks 7?

    BibleWorks maintains its standards of quality, quantity, and
    affordability with the following version 7 tools, features and


    For a full listing and description, visit

    + New program interface - arranges information in the most coherent
    fashion for searching, browsing, and analyzing the Biblical text.

    + Satellite Mapping - striking visual aids allowing users to trace
    journeys, view elevation data, find architectural sites, and create
    their own maps of Bible lands.

    + Study Guides - extensive instructional material demonstrates how to
    use BibleWorks for practical applications such as topical studies,
    exegetical papers, and classroom instruction.

    + Key Word In Context (KWIC)/Collocation Table Module - locates a
    keyword in Scripture and displays the words before and after it,
    making valuable word relationships more evident.

    + Sentence Diagrams (ongoing) - complete sentence diagrams for most of
    the Greek New Testament - a must for Greek students and professors
    (free downloadable updates as the project progresses).

    + Redesigned Editor Window - revamped with full Microsoft(R) Word
    compatibility, drag and drop functionality, hyperlinking, and
    exporting capabilities with Unicode fonts. Taking notes has never
    been easier!

    + Thousands of Sound Files - the Greek and Hebrew flashcards now come
    with accurate pronunciations-- available with the click of a mouse.

    + Improved Lexicon Links - new hyperlinks to Scripture references in
    the lexicons and dictionaries wherever a lexicon or reference work
    mentions a certain Scripture passage. In addition, nearly 50,000
    corrections were made to links between the Hebrew text and lexicons,
    giving the most accurate definitions available.

    + Tov-Polak Parallel-Aligned LXX/BHS database - makes finding
    equivalents between the Greek and Hebrew Old Testaments even easier.

    + Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament,
    2nd edition, Bruce Metzger
    + Shorter Lexicon of the Greek New Testament,
    2nd edition, Gingrich & Danker
    + A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old
    Testament, W.L. Holladay
    + Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament,
    G.L. Archer & G.C. Chirichigno
    + Works of Philo (Greek and Morphology)
    + Bible Afrikaans, 1953
    + Bulgarian Bible (updated)
    + Castilian Spanish version from Herder Editorial,
    S.A., Barcelona
    + English Revised Version, 1881/1885
    + GOD'S WORD(R) translation
    + Greek New Testament Text of the Greek Orthodox
    + Metaglottisis modern Greek New Testament
    translation, with footnotes
    + Nuevo Version Internacional (NVI)
    + Polish Biblia Gdanska Bible, 1632
    + Portuguese SBP Modern Language Translation
    + Swahili New Testament
    + Willibrordvertaling modern Dutch translation, 1978
    & 1995 editions

    + Center for New Testament Textual Studies Critical
    Apparatus $100**
    + New Testament Peshitta Collection $29**
    + Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament
    (Balz & Schneider) $119
    + Greek Grammar of the New Testament and Other Early
    Christian Literature (Blass, Debrunner & Funk) $55
    + The Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek
    Manuscripts (Comfort & Barrett) $30
    + A Primer of Biblical Greek (Croy) $13
    + Theological Dictionary of the New Testament,
    abridged (Kittel, Friedrich, & Bromiley) $59
    + A Greek-English Lexicon, 9th Revised Edition,
    (Liddell, Scott, Jones, and McKenzie) $135**
    + Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament
    (Moulton & Milligan) $24.99*
    + Griechisch-deutsches Taschenwoerterbuch
    (Preuschen) $19
    + Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic
    (Stevenson) $19.95*
    + New Testament Greek Manuscripts (Swanson) $45**
    (price includes future volumes in series)
    + Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew
    (Weingreen) $49**
    + Biblical Greek (Zerwick) $15*

    * Available first quarter 2006
    ** Available second quarter 2006

    3) How to Order BibleWorks 7 Today!

    Preorders are being accepted now for product shipment in late January.

    PRICES (plus shipping/handling):
    >>> BibleWorks 7 -- $349
    >>> Upgrade* from BibleWorks 4:
    $250 through 2/23/06; $349 thereafter
    >>> Upgrade* from BibleWorks 5 -- $175
    >>> Upgrade* from BibleWorks 6 -- $150

    *Upgrade orders must include current version and serial number.

    >>> Tell a friend -- just forward this e-mail to anyone who might be
    interested in BibleWorks 7.

    Please see our web site,, for a full listing
    of the new features and resources in BibleWorks 7. Ask for a free

    Call us toll free at 1(888)747-8200 to place an
    order, or use our secure ordering page online:

    Our mailing address is:
    P.O. Box 6158
    Norfolk, VA 23508
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